Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil 50ml

Neal's Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil

Neal's Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil

This Rose Facial Oil has always been one of the most popular skin care products in Neal’s Yard Remedies skin care family. It contains a variety of natural ingredients, such as grape seed oil, hazelnut oil, evening primrose oil, rose flower oil, patchouli oil, geranium oil etc, and is ideal for dry, mature, and sensitive skin. At the time I bought it, everyone around me was trying and talking about it.

I used five drops of the oil every night for a five minutes facial massage. I would recommend that you do your facial massage right after shower or bath as your pores are open and can better absorb the oil. Alternatively, you can also place a warm towel over your face to open up your pores. The smell of the oil was delicious and relaxing. And after about five minutes, when the oil fully absorbed, my skin felt silky soft. The skin was a little bit greasy after the massage, so I used a oil control blotting paper to blot away the excess oil. If you don’t have skin care blotting paper, a tissue should work too. DON’T Be Lazy Here! DO get rid of the excess oil as it can clog your pores and cause acne!!! After massaging and blotting, I applied my night cream to seal it in.

I used Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil for about six months. I must say it really gives you a radiant and healthy skin tone and can slightly plump up the fine lines. However, the problem for me was the size. Natural skincare products usually don’t last long. And for Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil, the label says it must be used with 6 months. But I found it really hard to use up this 50ml bottle within just six months. At the end of the day, it just made me feel guilty about the waste. Oh, another thing you need to know. This product doesn’t come with a dropper cap. You need to buy one separately.

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