Holland & Barrett Earthly Elements Vitamin E Oil (30000 iu)

Holland & Barrett Earthly Elements Vitamin E Oil (30000 iu)

Earthly Elements Natural Vitamin E Oil (30000 iu)

Vitamin E has been widely used in skin care products for its antioxidant and healing effect. I had chapped lips last winter and my friend recommended this Vitamin E Oil to me. I would say this is a very safe and effective lip care product. It is actually made as a food supplement so you know it’s OK if it goes into your mouth when using on lips. I applied it several times a day whenever my lips felt uncomfortable, and my lips became smooth and soft and were no long dry and cracked just in a few days. If you often have chapped lips, try this. It’s effective and also value for money :)

I never tried it on my face until few months ago. As I said in my previous post, I was looking for skin care products to treat acne blemishes and scars. Before I got the HealthAid Vitamin E Cream, I actually tried this. If you ever used Vitamin E Oil, you’d know what it is like – it’s thick and sticky. So when I used it on my face, I firstly poured two drops into my palm, then rubbed my hands together, and gently padded it into my face so that my face wouldn’t be too greasy – it was still a little greasy and shining though so I only applied it in the evening before I go to bed. And when I woke up in the morning, my skin seemed more radiant and healthier. It just proved to me that Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which can revitalize the skin. After a few days use, the scars on my face appeared to be a little bit lighter just like last time when I used Vitamin E Oil (not the same brand but also Vitamin E Oil) on the burn scar on my arm. However, I finally stopped using it when I received the HealthAid Vitamin E Cream. It was not just because I wanted to try a new product. It’s more because I couldn’t stand smelling that smell while sleeping and it made a mess on my pillow. But if you don’t mind, you can try.

Now I only use this Vitamin E Oil sometimes for facial and hand massage. I’m still hooked by its anti-aging effect. Some people take Vitamin E supplement for health benefits. But I don’t think it’s necessary unless you are an athlete or have certain diseases. We can get Vitamin E from a variety of foods such as nuts, seeds, wheat germ, olive oil, corn oil etc. And also be careful that overdose of vitamin E can cause many diseases even death. Nothing is better than eating properly.

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