Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Extract Capsules 100mg

Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Extract Capsules 100mg Old and New Packaging

Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Extract Capsules 100mg

Last night when I was in an all-girl forum, I joined a discussion about Grapeseed Extract – a skin care and health dietary supplement. The exact product I use is Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Extract Capsules 100mg. I take one capsule every morning after breakfast and have been taking it for two years.

Grapeseed Extract, which comes from grape seeds, it’s a very powerful anti-oxidant which helps fight harmful free radicals and is much more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E. Many young ladies take it to prevent premature aging, while the older people take it to maintain a good health and prevent diseases. If you google the benefits of Grapeseed Extract you’ll see a long list. However, I just want to tell you about its unbelievable effect on skin brightening.

As I said, I started to take the 100mg capsule from two years ago. Just after a few months, I found my face became brighter. I believe it was Grapeseed Extract as I was not using any brightening skin care products at that time. I had a brown spot on my left cheek for a couple of years. I tried many external products trying to get rid of it but all failed. However, after taking grapeseed extract for about a year, it just went away. It was a huge surprise for me! This is a product I will buy again again and again.

However, as you can see from my experience, dietary supplement is not magic. It can’t make a huge difference over night or in a couple of day. If you want to try it, try at least three months.

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