Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector 30ml

OK, back to the story of me fighting against acne blemishes and scars. After trying the Holland & Barrett Earthly Elements Natural Vitamin E Oil, Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, and the HealthAid Vitamin E Cream, I thought I need something more powerful and bought this Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

This product is a new launched serum from Clinique Even Better collection. It’s a milky serum in a beautiful 30ml white bottle with a pump. I quite like the clear cap on the pump as it keeps the pump away from the dust. This serum claims to be able to reverse the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and acne blemishes and scars.

I got this product on 15 July and ran out of it this morning. I applied TWO pumps of the serum over my entire face in the morning and evening everyday. I saw somebody complaining about the pump saying that it pumps out lots of the serum even with slight squeeze and one pump equals to two application amount. And I then totally understand why the product didn’t work for her. It’s just like you’re taking a medicine and you don’t get enough dose. We must not be ungenerous when using a skin care product no matter how much it cost you or it will be a real waste of money.

On Clinique website, it says this product should be applied after the 3-Step Skin Care System which means cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. However, I didn’t follow the official instruction as I feel strange applying a serum on top of the moisturiser rather than under. Usually a serum is finer than a moisturiser. Applying it on the top of the moisturiser may block it from being absorbed. So I just applied it between toning and moisturizing.

Another thing important is the sunscreen. The instruction on the box says daily sunscreen is imperative. Although I don’t know why exactly but I’ve heard that some brightening ingredients can have reverse effect when exposed to the UV light which means it can make your face darker. So let’s just play it safe. I use SPF 40 sunscreen and I would suggest SPF 25 at least. Sunscreen is good for skin healing and anti-aging anyway.

So here’re my steps: Cleanser – Toner – two pumps of Clinical Dark Spot Corrector – Moisturiser – SPF 40 Sunscreen.

I used this serum for four weeks consistently and the acne blemishes on my face are hardly noticeable now. There are only a couple of very light pink marks on my forehead at the moment and I’m thinking to buy the second bottle.

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