I actually never think that I have an acne prone skin. My top priorities for skin care has always been moisture and anti-aging. However, last Christmas, I got a couple of acnes on my right cheek but after a few weeks a lot more came up on my right cheek, forehead and chin. Most of them were big angry ones and my face was like a chocolate chip cookie if you can imagine. Then I googled and bought some popular Acne Skin Care Products.

1. Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Imperfection Pen 10ml

Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Imperfection Pen

Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Imperfection Pen

Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Imperfection Pen

Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Imperfection Pen

Obviously it’s a product for target area not for daily full face application. On the box it claims you’ll see the effective results in 5 hours which sounds like a magic.

I bought this tube from Superdrug. It’s an invisible gel formula but if you apply it in the daytime you’ll find many grey spots on your face after a few hours. I guess it’s because the gel picks up the dust in the air and as I have a fair skin it was very visible on my face. So I only applied it before I went to bed.

Now let’s talk about the effectiveness which you concern most. When I woke up in the morning, I was happy because some of the spots did become smaller even disappear. My cookie face was clearer with less chocolate chips. However, on the other hand, I was also mad as I saw the angry ones I had the day before doubled their sizes!!! And it cost me some time to calm them down afterwards.

So here’s my WARNING: Only use it on mild acnes. It works. NEVER EVER use it on the angry ones!!!

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