After experimenting with the Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Imperfection Pen, I bought another target area product. I first saw it on the Glamour magazine and then the TV adverts. I bought it because it’s made to target not only the mild acnes but also the angry acnes.

2. Freederm Gel 10g

Freederm Gel

Freederm Gel

Freederm Gel

Freederm Gel

Although it’s called Freederm Gel, it’s translucent and looks more like a milky lotion and very different from the Garnier SOS Gel. It says on the package that it contains 4% w/w Nicotinamide as the active ingredient. As far as I know, Nicotinamide is an anti-inflammatory agent. So to me it sounded like an effective medicine. Yep, it’s a medicine and it’s categorised as a medicine on Boots website.

I followed the instructions applying a THIN FILM of the Freederm Gel twice a day on my angry acnes. One thing good about the Freederm Gel is that you can apply it in the daytime and it doesn’t pick up dust and give you some grey spots like the Garnier Gel does. Also it’s a fragrance-free product which is good if you have irritation concerns.

However, after about two weeks use, I found it disappointed as all my angry acnes stayed their original sizes – or maybe I should have been grateful they didn’t go up a size? Before I bought Freederm Gel I googled it – I always google before I buy anything – and I did see some good comments about the Freederm Gel. I don’t know if the people who left good comments used it on angry acnes or just mild acnes. I used Freederm Gel only on my angry ones but unfortunately it didn’t work. Maybe mine were furious rather than angry?

Anyway, some skin care products work differently on different skin types. I have a combination skin type so hopefully it will work on other skin types. If you’re interested, there’s no harm to try.

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