Botanics Aromatherapy Pure Essential Tea Tree Oil

Botanics Aromatherapy Pure Essential Tea Tree Oil

5. Boots Botanics Aromatherapy Pure Essential Tea Tree Oil 10ml

I’m sure everyone who has or ever had acne problem knows Tea Tree Oil – the natural antibiotic. I bought this along with the Lavender Oil when Boots were running the 3 for 2 offer. It had a strong scent when first applying but it vanished within a few minutes. So I didn’t mind.

I tried two ways of applying it. In the morning I used cotton buds to apply directly on the spots. In the evening I mixed it with the Lavender Oil in my hands and padded the mixture into my face. I used it for a week and I did put a lot of faith in it as it’s been tested by so many people. I was actually dreaming about waking up in the next morning with half of the spots gone.

However, unfortunately it didn’t work much for me. It did calm down a couple of spots in the first couple of days, which chilled me up, but after that everything stayed almost the same. Then I just gave up on it. I’m not saying it’s a waste of money. Actually it worked …slightly and I understand it’s because it’s a natural antibiotic it may take effect slowly and may not be powerful enough sometimes. But the thing is, I had put too much faith in it. The more you expect, the more disappointed you will be. And that was me done with  it.

However, If you’re a fan of natural skin care products or you found tea tree oil useful before, I would still recommend this 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil from Boots. Like I said there was nothing wrong with the product itself, it was just my wrong expectation and impatience that pulled me back. I never doubt the quality of Boots’ products. I still have two-thirds left in the bottle and I guess I will try it again someday when I’m in a good mood.

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